The Munga Grit



When is the race?
The race takes place in the 2nd weekend of April (9th – 11th 2021)
How much does the race cost to enter?
The early bird fee is R3900 and the normal fee is R4500.
Are there different race categories?
There are three separate race categories: Men, Women and Development
Is there a limit to the number of riders that can enter?
Currently, the cut-off is 200 riders.
Is there a qualification race?
There is no qualification process and the Cape Grit is open to anyone who can ride a bicycle.
Can I ride a tandem mountain bike with a teammate?
No. Tandem bicycles are not permitted on the Cape Grit Route.
Can I ride a cyclocross bike?
How technical is the route?
It depends entirely on your skill level, but the majority of the route (more than 50%) is non-technical dirt roads.
Will I be able to scout the route?
Yes. For the most part the route will remain unchanged, however, it does cross private land so these sections will be impossible to scout.
Can I race the Cape Grit in a team?
The Cape Grit is an individual race and does not have a team entry. All rider entries are solo.
Do I need a sponsor?
There is no requirement for you to have a sponsor, but you are more than welcome to find your own one.
What is the Cape Grit policy on doping?
We are strictly against doping in any form. The top 20 finishers could be tested and all prizes will only be awarded after a 90 day period from the race cut-off.
When do race entries close?
Usually entries close about a month or so before the start of the race.
Will there be TV coverage of the race?
This is something we are still working on, but we are hoping to provide TV coverage in the near future.
Will the route be marked?
The route will be exclusively a GPS navigated route, but will not be difficult to follow. There are no markings along the route.
What is the elevation of the race?
The elevation is roughly 5000 metres.
How do I know if I'm able to finish the Cape Grit?
You should be able to ride a mountain bike at 12 to 14 km/hr for 18 hours, but this is just a rough guideline
Can I listen to music while riding?
Can I use Tri-bars?
What kind of support is provided?
There are medical officials that patrol the route on all three days. Race villages are equipped with rest, food and mechanical stations, and water points are available every 60 to 90 kilometres.
Does the Cape Grit happen every year?
Yes, Cape Grit will happen every year along with other identical format Grit races around the country
When will prize giving take place?
Because of the nature of the Cape Grit, prizes are award as riders cross the finish line. However, an official prize giving will take place after the cut-off on day 3.
Can I work for the Cape Grit?
We're always on the look out for people who can help. Please forward a copy of your CV to
Can I interview the race director?
You can ask him yourself. Send him an email to
Can I photograph or film the race?
Please send a mail to